A nice little script to run in your first five minutes on any server.

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As my dotfiles repo began to grow, I was inspired by wanting to automate the steps in Bryan Kennedy's post My First 5 Minutes On A Server; Or, Essential Security for Linux Servers and @icco's dotfiles repo to create a slightly more general solution for setting up a new system to my liking. Are there other tools to do this? Definitely, but I feel like this script is a nice bare minimum setup script that offers a good enough level of flexibility.



curl -sSL | bash -s <YOUR REPO URL>


Packages to be install should be specified in the packages.list file. If a specific package can only be found in a specific package manager, then that package manager can be specified after a space.

Here's an example:

wifi-radar pacman

NOTE: You cannot specify multiple specific package managers on a single line.


If you wish to have a file copied to a specific location, just place it in the specific folder (or subfolder) and list it in the specific.list file. You can also add an "a" to the end of a line to indicate you wish for the file to be appended to rather than overwritten.

Here's an example:

my.zsh-theme    link/oh-my-zsh/custom/
ssh/  ~/.ssh/
ssh/config      ~/.ssh/
sources.list    /etc/apt/sources.list a


The simplist of the bunch. Anything placed in the link directory will be symlinked into the home directory and prefixed with a .. Any files which already exist will be backed up in the .olddots directory. If a .olddots file still exists, this step will fail.


You can see a very simple example configuration which is used for integration testing here.


@icco and his dotfile repo for persuading me to create a dotfiles repo in the first place.