Simple command-line utilities for Redis pubsub

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Simple command-line utilities for Redis pubsub


rpubsub creates two executables rpub and rsub their options are the same and can be seen below.

$ r[p|s]ub -h
Usage: r[p|s]ub [--host HOSTNAME:PORT] CHANNEL
  -host=":6379": The hostname and port of your Redis instance

rpub will publish anything sent to its STDIN to the specified CHANNEL.

rsub will print anything messages it receives on the specified CHANNEL to STDOUT.

Getting the source

rpubsub is a properly formatted Go project which can be acquired using the standard

$ go get github.com/AndrewGuenther/rpubsub

If you're unfamiliar with Go, execute the following (make sure you have Go installed!)

$ mkdir rpubsub
$ cd rpubsub
$ export GOPATH=$(pwd)
$ go get github.com/AndrewGuenther/rpubsub
$ cd src/github.com/AndrewGuenther/rpubsub

Building the binary

After you've got the source, just make!

$ make
$ cd $GOPATH/bin
$ ls
rpub  rsub